I am so excited for you and even more excited you're considering me to photograph this special season you're in! The thought of planning a wedding can be daunting, but I'm here to put you at ease and make this process so much FUN!

Here is a list of the first steps to take after you're engaged!



3. select your wedding date & venue.

4. Choosing your photographer!

I know you're probably dreading this topic of conversation, but you can't plan your dream wedding or elopement day without this! Find out who will be contributing to your wedding funds, if you will be tackling it on your own, or both. Being transparent is absolutely necessary for everyone to be on the same page. 

Whew! You've tackled step one, and now its time to decide how big or small you want your wedding day to be! I suggest sitting down with your partner to create a general guest list, so that you have an estimate to take with you when you explore your wedding venue!

Picking a wedding date and venue are crucial moving forward in the planning process! If you love a certain look or vibe a wedding venue/location offers, check those spots out first to see what dates they have available. Being flexible is KEY! 

2. determine the size of your wedding!

Photographers are going to be slammed in 2023 and 2024! Getting on your photographers calendar ASAP is super important! 

When you are choosing a photographer, do your research! Do your instagram stalking, check out their website, and ask for recommendations! It's vital that you find a photographer that values experience over everything. (AKA Me! 😉) You are more than just another booking, dollar, or follower, to me. I want to create a genuine connection with you in order to document your love story - your way. I will pour my heart and soul into giving you the most amazing experience from the very beginning, to well beyond your wedding day. I promise to provide you a fun, unique, and personalized experience, making you forget you were even in front of the camera! When you look back on your wedding gallery, you'll remember exactly how it felt. I'll guide you through the entire process as your side-kick, personal cheerleader, and secret weapon you didn't even know you needed!